RINA Workshop 2019 presentations

  • Posted on: 13 March 2019
  • By: psoc_admin

The presentations of the papers at the RINA Workshop 2019 are now online! The event, which was co-located with the ICIN 2019 conference, was well attended by approximately 50 people that contributed to a lively discussion. The workshop featured a keynote on the RINArmenia initiative, an industry panel discussing challenges and opportunities for RINA adoption and a technical session with 8 papers.

1. Experimenting with Real Application-specific QoS Guarantees in a Large-scale RINA DemonstratorJordi Perelló (UPC), Albert López (UPC), Davide Careglio (UPC)

2. First Contact: Can Switching to RINA save the Internet? Kristjon Ciko (University of Oslo), Michael Welzl (University of Oslo)



3. Unifying WiFi and VLANs with the RINA modelLeland Smith (Boston University), Dan Cokely (Boston University), Heather Bell (Boston University), Lou Chitkushev (Boston University), John Day (Boston University)



4. One of the Ways How to Make RIB Distributed. Kamil Jerabek (Brno University of Technology), Vladimir Vesely (Brno University of Technology)



5. Design Considerations for RINA Congestion Control over WiFi Links. Kristian A. Hiorth (University of Oslo), Michael Welzl (University of Oslo)



6. Large-scale Experimentation with Network Abstraction for Network Configuration Management. Sven van der Meer (Ericsson), John Keeney (Ericsson), Liam Fallon (Ericsson), Saman Feghhi (Ericsson), Amy Amy de Buitleir (Ericsson)



7. Error and Flow Control Protocol (EFCP) Design and Implementation: A Data Transfer Protocol for the Recursive Internet Architecture. Miquel Tarzan (Fundació i2CAT), Leonardo Bergesio (Fundació i2CAT), Eduard Grasa (Fundació i2CAT)



8. Multi-operator "IPC" VPN Slices: Applying RINA to Overlay Networking. Miguel Ponce de Leon (Waterford Institute of Technology), Raghu Ranganathan (Ciena), David Bainbridge (Ciena), Karthik Ramanarayanan (Ciena), Andy Corston-Petrie (BT), Eduard Grasa (Fundació i2CAT)