Building a better network

The Pouzin Society's purpose is to provide a forum for developing viable solutions to the current Internet architecture crisis. Membership is open to qualified members of the networking community, both academic and commercial. Please send an email to to introduce yourself and request more information.

Through an ongoing series of meetings, collaborative efforts and publications, we seek to guide the emergence of a new network architecture that will support user needs for the decades to come.

Please read our Challenge for Researchers and Challenge for Businesses and consider getting involved.

Recent News and Announcements

John Day European talks on Video Available from TSSG

John Day was recently in Europe and gave several talks. TSSG is now hosting videos that were made of several of the talks, including a Podcast capability! (We'll host them here shortly too.)

RINA Papers Published

Two recently-published papers and a poster are now available in the Documents section - take a look!

TINOS Protocol Research tool made available by TSSG

The TSSG developed CBA prototype, which consists of a fully functional componentised network stack and the ancillary supporting infrastructure, has been contributed to the Pouzin Society as the TINOS project.

TINOS will provide the underlying platform and execution environment upon which a RINA prototype can be developed.

The TSSG and i2CAT will be joining forces with the Pouzin Society to contribute to the development of a RINA prototype based on the TINOS platform.

The TINOS code is freely available under the LGPL license.

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